Your Checklist for Buying a Home

Buying a home is a BIG DEAL! It’s not something that you do everyday but certainly affects every day! 


Let’s schedule a time to meet and review what you can expect when you decide to purchase a home.


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Where Do I Start? What Can I Expect?

  1. Find a Realtor – You’ve come to the right place!
  2. Get Pre-Approved for a Mortgage
  3. Understand Your Estimated Costs to Close
  4. Download Virginia’s Checklist for Buying a Home
  5. What Do I Need? What Do I Want? Finding the Home of Your Dreams
  6. Time for Showings!
  7. Title, Inspections and Contracts – There’s a lot here!
  8. Make a Winning Offer
  9. Schedule a Home Inspection
  10. I have an accepted contract on a home, now what?
  11. What is Earnest Money?
  12. Give Notice to Your Landlord
  13. Don’t Spend Extra Money
  14. Schedule the Closing on Your Calendar
  15. What is the Inspection Time Period
  16. Tips for Attending the Home Inspection
  17. Tips for Reading the Inspection Report
  18. Reviewing the Condo Docs and what are these anyway?
  19. What happens with the Appraisal?
  20. Hire Movers and Start Packing!
  21. Set Up Your Utilities
  22. Set Up Homeowners Insurance
  23. Get Your Down Payment Ready
  24. Do you want a home warranty?
  25. Is Your Home Smart? Secure?
  26. What is Clear to Close?
  27. Schedule the Final Walk Through
  28. How do I bring my down payment to closing?
  29. Schedule the Closing
  30. Wrap Up and Keeping in Touch
  31. Monthly Maintenance Checklist

My goal with EVERY client is to keep you a step ahead, knowing what lies ahead, so you can enjoy every moment of the home buying process from start to finish!